Panskins Athletic Shorts for Daz Genesis 8 Female

Using Panskins Athletic Shorts is super easy.

Just load the asset onto your character, choose a pose, and then simulate or animate.
Depending on your character's shape, you may need to employ the easy-to-use Poke Through Fix morph. Simply click the plus sign on the slider until any poke through in your shot disappears, exactly as with any caw zam 3d clothing product.
There are a wide variety of colors available for Panskins Athletic Shorts, and a sheer setting which gives the Athletic Shorts a see-through look. The crotch sheerness can be controlled independently.
To turn off the logo on the right hip, simply use the Logo Off preset. You can also change the logo from white to black and back again with the provided presets. Thanks for purchasing Panskins! We hope you enjoy this product and make wonderful renders with it.

To install:
Unzip into your Daz3D directory, either the program folder or your "My Library" folder.

To Use:
Select your character (either a G8 or G8.1) and then load the garment, then run the dForce simulation. That's it, you're done!

Video (If Available):