Lowrise Winter Pants for Daz Studio Genesis 8 Female

Get ready to have your character step out in style with Lowrise Winter Pants! These sassy pants are designed to hug your Genesis 8 Female character's curves and leave just enough to the imagination. The low rise waist adds an extra touch of sass, showing off their figure in all the right places. Whether you're going for a sexy hangout vibe or just want to add some flair to your character's wardrobe, these pants are the perfect choice. Made with reactive dForce, they are not only fashionable but fit perfectly in any simulation every time. So slip your character into a pair of Lowrise Winter Pants and let her invigorate the party!

To install:
Unzip into your Daz3D directory, either the program folder or your "My Library" folder.

To Use:
Select your character (either a G8 or G8.1) and then load the garment, then run the dForce simulation. That's it, you're done!.

Video (If Available):