Panskins Cookie Jar Bikini for Daz Genesis 8 Female

Using Panskins Cookie Jar Bikini is super easy.

Just load the asset onto your character, choose a pose, and then simulate or animate. Then use the provided sliders to adjust the nipple exposure, if desired.

The name for Cookie Jar arose from an awkward moment with Addie during the initial trials. We caught her copping a self feel and after all the laughter was over, we asked what possessed her to pick this moment and she said "This bikini just makes me feel that way". So we named it "Cookie Jar" because she got caught with her hand in it. We can't verify every single detail of that story, but we can say for sure that it is a story.

Now to the bikini.

In southeast Texas, winter (such as it is here) is already drawing near its end. So it is time to go back to our best known and undoubtedly favorite type of product in the eyes of our customers and fans, the bikini. For this bikini inspiration was simple and compelling: a shockingly low lowrise. So low in fact, that some tricks had to employed with reactive dForce to get it to stay on the character! The top was less forthcoming. Our initial thought was just to make a tiny top too, but I vetoed the idea on the grounds that at some point, clothing has to have enough space to be clothing. Otherwise why bother? So we hit upon the sixties Bond Girl scuba type design that you see here. Not only is it attractive, it fits well thanks to reactive dForce and it dovetails very nicely with other products in the Panskins line. Put a spear in the character's hand and she's ready to bring in some lion fish for dinner in the barrier islands.

Depending on your character's shape, you may need to employ the easy-to-use Poke Through Fix morph. Simply click the plus sign on the slider until any poke through in your shot disappears, exactly as with any Causam3D clothing product. There is as always a set of cleavage morphs to facilitate fine tuning on large breasted characters, and one more to thicken the edge of the large porthole over the chest. We recommend that you use these morphs after simulating, not before.

Cookie Jar comes with a number of base colors which mix and match with other Panskins assets. There are two metallic flakes presets, and a pair of sheer presets which will follow the same patterns of the metallic presets, so you can even make the texture a shiny sheer that looks awesome! Also there are two cookie materials, chocolate chip and sugar cookie just for fun.

To turn off the logo on either piece, simply use the Logo Off material preset. You can also change the logo from white to black and back again with the provided presets.

Thanks for purchasing Panskins! We hope you enjoy this product and make wonderful renders with it.

To install:
Unzip into your Daz3D directory, either the program folder or your "My Library" folder.

To Use:
Very simple. Load the bra onto your character, choose a pose and simulate. Then use the morph sliders to adjust anything you might wish to adjust. That's it, you're done!

Video (If Available):